Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cherry Tumble Oil Painting Still Life Art Fruit Natural Food Ranier Kitchen Garden

"Cherry Tumble"

Oil on back-stapled canvas, 10" x 8".

Ranier cherries are described as large, sweet, yellow cherries with a bright red blush. I chose to paint the type of cherries that I like to look at and also eat regardless of their cost. So I only got a few! My better half would gladly accept the very tart ones. I love the transition of deep yellow to orange to red. It really is the best. Oh yeah, just like the Jacob's Coat roses that I adore painting. Hmmm........
Thanks for looking!

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Anonymous said...

Lovely composition Debra,

Just found your great blog, so going to go and read more now.

Hope you can find time to drop by my blog one day


fellow artist