Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Calla Bloom

Oil Painting Lilly Still Life Flower Art Botanical Garden

Oil on hardboard panel, 11" x 9"

I'll have to admit that I was inspired to paint a Calla Lilly again after I saw a friend's entry to one of our local art center's annual competitions.  My Calla is different as far as the color of  bloom and background and also hers is a large watercolor and mine is a smaller, intimate oil.  I saw the fun (in my mind) of painting a tall white bloom against a dark background.  Colors bounce around in the light and create interest among the white tones.  The Calla Lilly stalks are sturdy and their blooms display intricate, sensual forms. They always make great subjects to experiment with and learn from .  So, thanks, Jeanette, for reminding me of these beauties!

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