Saturday, March 06, 2010

Rufous Hummingbird

Oil Painting Bird Art Portrait Wildlife Animals

Oil on canvas, 7" x 5".

I'm looking forward to the little hummers returning here this spring. This type, the Rufous, is more of a Pacific coast visitor so I haven't seen him in my gardens, but I think he is very handsome and wanted to paint his portrait. I have the Ruby-throated hummingbirds at my feeders and have painted them several times. It's cool to see them perching for a few seconds on a feeder with their wings folded. I've also seen them perching in trees while resting between fights at the flowers and feeders. Having them buzz loudly close to my head is a weird feeling and that happened when I had three feeders being heavily guarded by these little warriors at the same time.

I finished another commissioned house painting and this one included an Old English Sheepdog. I'm awaiting approval from the client and when (if) I post it I'm considering posting first a work-in-progress painting since I did remember to take a photo this time(!) before I went on to complete the painting.

On the homefront, we've had a nice break in the weather and Rick and I have been having fun turning over garden soil and planting spring crops like sweet red onions, turnips and radishes. I still have some spinach that I covered up over the winter and will still have to keep watch on when the temps are supposed to fall well below freezing at night. Oh, and bought some yellow/orange tulip bulbs already sprouting that I hope to paint.

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