Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wanderlust Watercolor Painting Pug Dog Pet Art


Watercolor on paper, 12" x 10".

I like the look of strong sunlight washing out objects in its path as it floods a room. This was the case when I saw my pug, Mabel, stretching up as far as she could to peer through a window. The dreamy quality of this type of watercolor is attractive to me. I had started this painting almost a year ago and left it after I got "stuck" on a problem. I came across it the other day and decided to finish it the way I had envisioned it the first time.
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Nancy Medina said...

Debra, what a cutey Mabel is. I love how her paws curl over the windowsill. Beautiful work!
pughugs from Texas!
: )

Anonymous said...

Ahh this is a very nice painting of a little friend looking out the window.

D. Sisson said...

Thank-you so much! This is a little glimpse into her personality.