Monday, April 20, 2009

Papillon Watercolor Painting Dog Pet Art Portrait

"Only Pap"

Watercolor on paper, 11.25" x 10.25".

This is one of my older paintings of my Papillon, Nina. I've been busy with commissions and also taking an abstract painting class with Patricia Lappin here in Fort Smith. She is a motivating instructor and also a wonderful artist. If I paint something in her class that I think might actually be worthy of posting I will do it . . . . . . . well, maybe.
If you would like a commissioned animal portrait please contact me. Thanks for looking!

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Naquaiya said...

A beautiful portrait and a beautiful dog. I want to give her a hug, right through my monitor.

D. Sisson said...

Thanks so much Naquaiya! Knowing that little girl, though, she'd probably slip through your hands for freedom. Darn; I could never get a satisfying squeeze on her.

Mark Adams said...

Debra, This is a lovely, sensitive painting. I really like how you worked some soft texture into the background. Nice work!