Sunday, October 05, 2008

Black Labrador Retriever Oil Daily Painting Water Pet Portrait

"Got it Again!"

Oil on stretched canvas, 6" x 8.

I had painted this dog and tennis ball image in one of my earlier miniature paintings and here it is again in a 6 x 8. He's swimming in deep water and has such an eager expression.
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Holly said...

Coming from a Border Collie lover and a Whippet lover, this is AMAZING, my Border Collie does the same thing with the ball in his mouth, WOW this is really nice work. Only needs to be a Border Collie next time....What a work of Art THAT CAPTURED the true essence of a black Labador....They love WATER..AMEN...Good Job Debra.

Fawn said...


D. Sisson said...

Thanks Holly and Fawn! I like painting a dog doing his "job".

PAT MEYER -- said...

Not only did you capture the dog but what the dog loves doing. Great One.

D. Sisson said...

Thanks, Pat, for the comment from my fellow artist!