Saturday, June 30, 2007

Green Eyed Cat 10x8 Oil Daily Painting

"Green Eyed Confusion"

Oil on hardboard. 10" x 8".

My friend's tomcat frequently has a befuddled, confused expression. We tease him about it, which probably isn't very nice.

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Ron Morrison said...

You should have lots of comments on your beautiful paintings- so here's one.

robert d said...

I will let you in on a little secret. Yes, I know. After I share it with you it will no longer be a secret, but I have lots of secrets and your offerings have touched me.

Works of art are not viewed in isolation. My secret, a pallor trick , is that you have to shape the context in which a painting will be viewed.

One way of assisting the viewer is to attach a little story to each of your paintings.

As an example of this, go to my blog and under the search function on the top left put in Shawn and scroll down to the second entry.

Much magick for a little fish,